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well, when most people tend to live in houses, we like to go about things a little differently…

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We live communally on a piece of land in West London, we call it KEW BRIDGE ECO VILLGE and we really like it here. there are normally about 15 or 20 people living here and we like doing thigs like building, cooking, gardening and making music around the fire. We are all about learing, using it as a tool to empower our own ability to live effectively now and for the future;  we learn about sustainability, permaculture, food, and social issues.


We’re really keen on people who like to get their hands dirty and to get stuck in and learning with us, however, we know that it might just be us that is really into building houses out of clay and straw, so for everyone else there are a whole bunch of things to get involved in our project;

Mondays we go to the MOD (ministry of defence, google map it) and demonstate peacefully, articulating how we feel about how human beings can justify wasr against other human beings. Most of us like to take a leisurely stroll there and take our message all the way trough London, although if thats not your bag, you can just meet us there  at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

Tuesdays-Fridays we are open from around 11 am every day and have lots of things going on like planting, bike fixing, cooking or Cob building and tea drinking, and look out for workshops and yoga sessions.

on Thursdays at 7pm we have a big public communal meal and meeting to discuss our ideas and reflections with the community

Saturday and Sunday are our designated ‘open days’ with organised activities and events (halloween special coming up!) and things like facepainting for kids (and adults!)

MUSIC galore on Sundays. bring instruments. make them here. play ours. come down any time after 12 and meet with like-minded people.

FIND US on google maps- we are on it! just search Kew Bridge Eco Village or 2 Kew Bridge Road TW8 OJF


Get a train to Kew Bridge Train Station or the 237 / 267 / 391  / 65 / N9 busses

and you’ll see us.

morning view